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About your journey

Your Bariatric Surgery & Weight Loss Center team is here to help you  every step of the way. In order for us to best assist you, we ask that you complete a few things prior to contacting us.

These steps are designed to educate and prepare you for the pertinent and personal conditions and goals that we will take on together:

1) Get started with knowing your BMI, and then

2) Attend an Info Session in person or watch online

3) Once you have completed an Info Session, please schedule a consultation. During this consultation, Dr. Dockins will discuss with you your current health status, previous weight loss attempts, and will develop a plan specific to you.

4) To help expedite our conversation, you can download, complete and bring the following New Patient Questionnaire.

5) We also request information regarding insurance verification, click here to download the Bariatric Surgery Insurance Coverage Verification. This will also help get you started sooner.

Click here to schedule or call our Solutions Center at 484-273-4227 to request your consult with Dr. Dockins.


The patient journey to the new you

Our program at Coordinated Health is dedicated to helping you become a healthier and happier version of yourself. We use a team approach, which includes fitness, nutrition, coaching, and counseling to ensure that you attain the success that you deserve during your weight loss journey. At the helm of your team is our medical director and bariatric surgeon, Dr. John Dockins. Dr. Dockins has dedicated his life to helping the lives of others through weight loss surgery, and his passion is evident.

It's a journey, well worth taking. Here is a typical patient's weight loss journey. Individually designed for you with an evidence-based approach to clinical best practices for the best metabolic and bariatric surgery outcomes.


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Bariatric surgery patient journey